Game On!

The boys have thrown themselves into the House activities this year. It was great to see that 10 boys made the finals of the swimming, Eddie Dargue, Jarrad Hill, Dominic Lambert, Max Luisetti, Toby Oliver, Tom Davidson, Finn Hamilton, Mark Ma, Nic Turnbull and Sam Darry. Good luck fellas, as they head to the pool tomorrow.

I have been so impressed by the numbers of boys that have headed out to the athletics heats. The Year 13s and Year 12s have led by example and competed well in a number of events.

It has also been great to the lads take on Richards and School in the Boarding activities. The Year 9 and 10 teams both won their competitions, earning themselves a pizza shout. thanks to Sam and Oscar for leading the teams.


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Welcome to 2018

The 2018 school year has begun with speed and intensity. We began by welcoming the 11 new boys into Year 9, Ralph, Kevin, Harry D, Josh, Harry G, Richard, Dominic, Jimmy, William P, Tim and William W. They started off by completing an orientation programme with three of our seniors Oscar, Ollie and Richard. At the same time the new parents completed their own form of orientation before heading back to the House for a light dinner and to meet the House staff.



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Term 4 Week 4

Dear all.

I hope the start of Term 4 has proved to be a good one and that you and the boys are looking forward to the end of year celebrations in a few weeks time. The boys have been busy in the first 3 weeks and we now have the seniors away on study leave with their exams starting later this week and the juniors have their end of year assessments this week as well.

The boys had a very successful tug of war competition last week with the Year 11 team winning, the Year 10 and Senior teams coming in as runners up and the Year 9 team losing in the semi final.

Year 11’s taking the strain

Year 10’s on the way to the final




The seniors grinding out another win

A couple of weekends ago the Year 11’s took part in the annual Challenge Day where the three boarding houses compete for the Scotty Mac Cup. Despite not coming out on top, the boys had a good time and learnt some good leadership strategies. They also got a little wet!


This past weekend saw the interhouse rowing competition and, with a strong boat of Jamie Batchelor, Lachie Hazlett, Harry Hawkins and Sam Darry, with Guy Flynn as cox, the boys took out the title. A great result for them all!

The Flower’s boat take the spectator’s acclaim


We are all looking forward to the end of year and the plans are below:

Thursday 30th November

9:30am                Chapel Choir rehearsal

1pm                      Junior prize winners rehearsal in the Assembly Hall

2:30pm               Junior roll call in the TV room in Flower’s

3pm                     Junior prize giving in the Assembly Hall

3:45pm               Afternoon tea for the prize winners and their parents in the Dining Hall

4pm                    House prize giving FOR THE WHOLE HOUSE in the Senior Common                                 Room

5pm                    Dinner in the dining hall for boarders

6pm                    Carols on the Quad FOR THE WHOLE HOUSE

7pm                    The annual Leavers Dinner FOR THE WHOLE HOUSE AND THE                                   PARENTS OF YEAR 13 LEAVERS (Last year parents of non-Yr13’s                                    met at a local hostelry for refreshments whilst their sons were at the                                          dinner)

10pm                 Boys return to the House (Junior boys can leave for the year)


Friday 1st December

7:30am             Leavers Breakfast for the Year 13’s and their parents

8:30am             Senior prize winners rehearsal in the Assembly Hall

10am                 Senior roll call in the TV room in Flower’s

10:30am           Senior prize giving in the Assembly Hall

12noon             Lunch for Year 13’s and their parents on the Quad (Yr11 and 12’s can leave                              for the year)

1pm                   Leavers service for Year 13’s and their parents in the Chapel

2pm                  Official end of the year!

As you can see from above, the junior boys are free to go anytime after the Leavers Dinner on the Thursday evening and the Year 11 and 12’s are free to go once the Senior Prizegiving is completed on the Friday. The boys should touch base with me before they go though, so I know not to go looking for them in an emergency!

For the Year 13 parents, if you have not already done so, can you please get back to me as a matter of urgency to let me know if you will be joining us for the dinner and/or the breakfast.

If you have not heard, the Year 13 leadership group for next year is Sam Darry (Head of House) with Oscar Wilson and Richard Turpie (Deputy Heads of House). I have no doubt that they will do a great job and will support Mr Ben Vink as he transitions into the role of Housemaster of Flower’s in 2018. I wish them every success.

As this is likely to be my final blog post as Housemaster, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole Flower’s community for their support over the past 5 years. Kylie and I, along with the girls and Murphy have hugely enjoyed our time and we wish you all the very best for the future.

Many thanks


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Start of Term 4, 2017

Dear all.

Well the third term has come and gone in a flash and the House has been successful in many areas.

We finished the term with a fantastic House Play. Ben Aitken and his team worked extremely hard and the finished article was brilliant to watch. Many congratulations to all who were involved, especially Tom Davidson who won an acting award and Ben for his excellent directing and tremendous effort and patience throughout the process!

The start of Term 4 sees the Boarding Awards Dinner starting at 6pm on Thursday 19th October. This will be followed by the House photo, taken outside the House (weather permitting!) at 7:30am sharp on Thursday 26th October. Can I ask all day-boys to be in for about 7:15am please on that day.

It is important that all the boys start the term looking good with a decent haircut and the correct uniform. It is important that we are all looking good for the formal aspects of the term towards the end of November!

This term we welcome back Ollie King and Edwin Dargue who have returned from their term in South Africa. No doubt we will hear some interesting stories from their weeks away!

Many congratulations go to the boys who represented the College in various sports over the break. Freddie Cameron, Charlie Dyer, Jack Tracy and Rohan Tennekoon played for the College polo team in the USA with some success. The photos I’ve seen of the boys in Hawaii look amazing (I was a little jealous!). Freddie Cameron (again – he was very busy!), Tom Crutchley, Max de Geest and Jackson Stewart played in the senior basketball team at the National Competition where they came 4th, losing to the eventual winners in the semi final in overtime. It was a great result, tinged with a feeling of what could have been!

The events of note at the end of the term will be the Junior Prize-giving, House awards, Carols on the Quad and the Leavers Dinner for all the boys and the parents of the leavers on Thursday 30th November, and then the Leavers Breakfast for the Year 13 boys and parents, the Senior Prize-giving and the final Chapel of the year on the Friday 1st December. Please be aware of these and plan accordingly.

There will be sporting fixtures on the Saturday AFTER the end of the term, so please ensure that your son’s are available for those. More details on exactly which sports have matches will come out nearer to the time, but if in doubt, your son can speak to his coach when he returns.

I will be wanting to know the plans of the Year 11, 12 and 13 boys when Study Leave starts on Monday 6th November. I will need to know a rough plan as to who will be heading home to work between the exams, and who will be staying in the House. Please speak to your son’s regarding this over the next few days.

The Year 11 boys will have their challenge day for the Scotty Mac Cup on Sunday 29th October. They will all need to be in for that day, we will leave College at about 830am and will be back by about 3pm. It is a great day and the boys will get a lot out of it if they approach it with a positive mindset.

There will be Junior Camps for Year 9 and 10’s later in the term and more details will come out in due course.

I hope that all the boys have a successful final term of the year and that those who have exams will be well prepared and focused on their study!

Finally, don’t forget we have Labour Day (Mon 23rd Oct) and Show Day (Fri 17th Nov)  this term where there will be no school! These long weekends will see the House open with full catering, but there will not necessarily be sport for all (some sports and grades will not have matches, others will) and therefore many boys head home for the long weekend!

Best regards



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2017 Term 3 Week 3

Dear Parents.

The term has started with a whizz and a bang and the boys have been enjoying a raft of activities and have enjoyed some success in the interhouse sporting events.

At the end of the previous term we had the House quiz. Despite protestations the team led by our Head of House, Rob Turnbull took out the victory. The usual rounds of the wall sit (won by Ben Dando) and the ‘baked beans challenge’ were highlights, as was Charlie ‘I must be a hamster with cheeks like this’ Dyer winning the marshmallow contest. Finn Hamilton drank the 1 litre of milk in a rapid time, but it was not enough to bring his team to the fore!

On the sports field/court we have had successes with the Junior and Senior basketball teams reaching the semi final stage as I write, with their next matches next week. The Senior Hockey team came unstuck against a Somes team boasting half the College 1st XI in their semi final and the Junior debating team, consisting of Henry Briscoe, Charlie Foulds and Owen Short were unlucky to be defeated by Richards last week and are looking for redemption against Corfe in a few days time.

Away from the House sport, this week sees Flower’s become an enclave of the UAS in International Week. We were 50 odd Donald Trumps on Monday and I have been finding his face all over House since then!

Preparations are well underway for the House Dinner (Fri 8th September at The Christchurch Club) and the House Shoot (Sun 10th September at the North Canterbury Clay Target Assoc.) and I hope to see a large number of you there. I will be in touch with details and costings for the House Dinner and Shoot in due course.

Whilst Ollie King and Edwin Dargue are in South Africa, we have been joined by Luc Lenferna de la Motte and Kieran Ramsay. They are with us for the first 6 weeks of the term and have settled in well.

Finally, many thanks for the kind wishes upon the announcement that I, Kylie and the girls will be moving away from Flower’s at the end of the year. It was a difficult decision given how much we enjoy the boys and I am sure we will see you around College once we have moved out.

Best regards


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Term 2 Week 7

Dear all.

It has been very busy in the House over the past few weeks, with sporting victories, positive academic reports and successful applications for outside events.

I shall start with the House Haka which was led superbly by Monty Batchelor and Nic Murray. The boys put a huge amount of time and effort into this in the weeks running up to the event and in particular, led by Monty and Nic, the seniors talked the juniors through the expectations and nuances of the haka. The performance on the day did not disappoint and we came in an impressive 2nd place.

Whilst on the sporting front, there was an alteration from a previous blog in the cross country where it became apparent that in fact we came 2nd overall, not 5th as I had suggested.

We also came in runner up in the Junior Volleyball when we were just outplayed by Richards in the final, and we will be starting our defence of the senior basketball later this week.

In College sport, we had 3 members of the victorious 1st XV against CBHS with Nic Murray and Sam Darry starting and Will Greenslade on the bench. It was brilliant to see the win, finally, for the boys and hopefully it will be the springboard for further success.

Andrew Campbell has been active in water polo and is now a national champion having won the regional men’s championship with his Canterbury teammates a few weeks ago. He has had a tremendous season with an impressive performance in the national schools competition earlier in the term as well.

Away from the sports field, we have booked our tickets to see Singin’ in the Rain for the Wednesday showing and I am sure that I am not alone in waiting to see Tom Davidson and the rest of the performers in action! If you have not yet got a ticket for yourselves, you should do so before they all run out!

Oscar Wilson has been selected to go on the first Round Square service trip that the College has sent anyone on, helping to build a dam for a Vietnamese community in the summer break. He, along with 49 other students from around the world will be part of the group for 2 weeks in mid December. I am sure you will all join me in wishing him the very best for his endeavour.

On a final note, the end of term is fast approaching and no doubt many of you will be making arrangements. Can I please remind you there is likely to be a full sporting programme on the Saturday AFTER the end of the term so your sons will be expected to be available as required on that day. The House will be open for boys who wish to stay in on the Friday night, if required. If in doubt, your son should contact his coach to check on the plans for that day.

Best regards


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2017 Term 2 Week 2

Dear Parents.

I hope all is well with you and that the boys have had a good break. The term has begun and promises to be a busy one. We have plenty of House sport on, starting with cross country at the start of this past week. The boys were good value, mostly giving it 100% and we had some excellent results. In the senior race Max de Geest came a fantastic 3rd with Jackson Stewart our next runner home in 29th. In the U16 grade, Ben Dando (13th), Tom Davidson (15th) and Jamie Batchelor (17th) helped that group to 4th in the grade. At U15, we had three runners in the top 15 (Jarrad Hill (8th), Wil de Geest (12th) and Lachie Hazlett (13th)) meaning the group came in 3rd and in the U14 grade Archie Batchelor (17th) and Jake Cutler (20th) were our first two boys back.

Overall the House was placed 6th, a measly 2 points off 5th!

Towards the end of last term, 4 Flower’s boys represented the College in the Polo A team and were victorious. A photo of Charlie Dyer, Freddie Cameron, Rohan Tennekoon and Jack Tracy with the cup is below!

The House dinner has been confirmed for the evening of Friday 8th September at the Christchurch Club on Latimer Square. The evening will begin at about 7pm and should finish up at around 10pm. More details will follow but in the meantime if you could put the date in your diary, that would be great.

I hope many of you are able to see some of the rugby this term, as and when you are in Christchurch. It has been good to see the boys get involved and it was great to see Will Greenslade make his 1st XV debut last week in the win over St Thomas. Lets hope for some more good results over the remainder of the term and season.

The message below comes from Yo Turnbull:

Just a reminder if you want to come to the rugby dinner; 9th June $200.00 per head. We have missed out on a Flower’s Table because so far only two couples from Flowers have indicated they are going.  However, if you would like to go to the Rugby Dinner and sit with Flower’s House we can probably organise it through the Rugby Committee.  So…book your tickets online for the dinner and email me if you would like to join us and I will organise it, with some help.
Kind regards
Yo Turnbull

Yo’s email address is:

Finally, many congratulations to all the boys who took part in sporting trials, training and competitions over the Easter break. We had a large number of boys all over the country for sports ranging through water polo, sailing and rugby, with many exceptional performances.

Best regards



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2017 Term 1 Week 9

Dear Parents.

As we enter the final few days of the term I have an update on the House events and accolades that have accrued since my last missive!

In House sport, the senior cricket team have been stuck in the semi-finals with the weather halting any attempt to play the match against Condells. We will have to wait until Term 4 to get back into this competition. The junior tennis team were able to play on, however, and the junior team, led by Edwin Dargue and Jarrad Hill made their way through to the final where they came up against a very strong Harper team. Sadly, victory was beyond us, but considering the vast ranking difference, we did really well to compete as well as we did.








In College sport, we have had some individual successes with Harry MacDonald scoring a fine 92 against Wanganui Collegiate to help stave off defeat and last weekend Archie Batchelor was finally out for 96, attempting to reach his hundred off the final couple of balls of the innings.

We have just had the Summer Sport Tournament week and in the water polo competition the College team took out the title, beating Otago BHS in the final. Andrew Campbell was named not only in the tournament team, but the MVP of the whole tournament and he will be looking forward to the National Competition in the Easter holidays.

At the South Island Athletics Champs we had 2 representatives. Jackson Stewart came in 6th place in the U19 long jump whilst Nic Murray managed Silver in the javelin, Bronze in the hammer and 8th in the shot.

Maadi has been dominating the internet in recent days and with 13 Flower’s boys in the College team, we have had a lot of interest. The boys all performed remarkably and I am reliably informed that Flower’s won 12 medals in total. Jamie Batchelor and Lachie Hazlett gained a remarkable Gold in the U16 eight, Louis Batchelor, Jamie, Sam Darry and Guy Flynn gained a Silver in the U17 eight, with Louis, Sam and Monty Batchelor gaining a Silver in the U18 eight. Monty and Rob Turnbull, Harry Hawkins and Jacob Pye also gained Bronze medals in the U18 quad sculls and O15 lightweight coxed four respectively. A remarkable achievement for all the boys and I am sure they will be as thrilled with the results as I was watching them in the live stream!

This coming week sees the annual Mother’s of Flower’s lunch on Friday at The George. If you are still keen to go but have not yet let Karen know, you have until lunchtime on Monday to do so!

Also this week, the House music competition comes to fruition. The boys are sounding distinctly good in comparison to the past few years a couple of days out so I am hopeful for another good result! Hopefully we will see a good few of you in the audience on Wednesday in the Assembly Hall from 7pm, and don’t forget drinks beforehand at Hotel Montreal as per Yo’s earlier email!

The parent-student- teacher interviews for boarders are on Friday after-school, and hopefully you are all set with the appointments. Your son’s are supposed to be there as well so I recommend that you insist he comes along to hear what the staff have to say!

From next term, we will be using the ‘Duty Phone’ on a more regular basis. The idea will be that if you need to get hold of a member of staff you either call me (027 268 9433), Karen (027 555 4692) or the duty phone which will be with the master on duty (027 489 0132). The boys will be told the same. This means that the boys will NOT be expected to call the master on duty’s personal phone anymore.

Finally, can I please ask that you drop me an email to let me know whether your son is likely to be out after the interviews on Friday evening or whether he is staying in for the Friday night and heading away for the holiday on Saturday. This is so I can ensure I have the correct amount of breakfast ready! Also in your reply, do let me know if you plan to come to Mr Thatcher’s meeting and dinner on April 30th as per a previous email. The details are:

“Boarding at Christ’s College – 2017 and Beyond”
As previously advertised, Head of Boarding, Darrell Thatcher, would like to invite all Boarding parents to a presentation on “Boarding at Christ’s College – 2017 and Beyond” on Sunday April 30th from 5pm in the Chapman Room. At the conclusion of this presentation he would also like to invite you all to the Dining Hall for dinner and an opportunity to see the renovations of the kitchen and servery. For catering purposes can you please respond to me by the end of the term if you intend staying for the Dinner.

Many thanks, and I wish you all a great final week and a restful holiday!

Best regards


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2017 Term 1 Week 5

Dear all.

This is my second attempt at this blog, hopefully it remains in view!

We have had a busy few weeks with the Athletics and various House sports taking place. The Athletics Day itself was a great success with wins for Dominic Lambert (junior 100m Hurdles), George Murray (intermediate javelin) and Nic Murray (senior javelin and senior hammer). Flower’s came 6th overall and 4th in the field events.

Dominic Lambert can joint 3rd in the junior individual competition and Nic Murray came in joi2nd in the senior competition, 1 point behind the winner, Sam Averil of Condells.

The Murray brothers retain their respective javelin titles


Owen Short







We also had a group of lads gaining podium finishes with Dominic Lambert coming in 2nd in the junior shot put, 3rd in the junior discus, the junior long jump and triple jump. Jamie Batchelor came in 3rd in the intermediate 400m and Ben Dando came in 3rd in the intermediate javelin. Nic Murray came in 2nd in the senior discus and 3rd in the senior shot put. Jackson Stewart came in 3rd in the senior long jump and Max de Geest came in 2nd, on countback, in a fantastic senior high jump competition.


In the relays we had the junior 4x100m team coming in 3rd, the intermediate 4x100m team came 2nd.




….and over!

In the non-championship we came in second, a tantalising 4 points behind Julius! We also had Brad representing the House staff in the staff vs prefect relay, but alas he could not pull out the win despite vociferous support!

Brad in full flight!

Damien Austin

Sam Greenslade

In other news, we have had a win for the senior house cricket side (mainly thanks to Sam Darry’s half century and George Murray hitting the winning runs of the final ball of the game!) and the senior volleyball and junior tennis teams kick off their campaigns tomorrow (Thursday 9th March).

Jake Cutler preparing for the relay!

Toby Oliver takes flight

Archie Batchelor

George Murray on his way to the title

Monty Hamilton giving his all!

Will Greenslade


Wil de Geest trying to match his brother’s efforts!







On your marks Monty!

Away from the sports field, massive congratulations go to Owen Short and Max Luisetti for their performances in Treasure Island. The Year 9 and 10 boys all went along for the Friday show and very much enjoyed the evening.

House music is fast approaching and we are on the second night, Wednesday 5th April. Please put the date in your diary and we will see if we can improve upon our 3rd place showing from last year!

Best regards





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2017 Term 1 Week 3

Dear all.

It has been a very busy couple of weeks for the House and, it must be added, a successful one. We have seen the new lads mix into the House in all aspects and for Mark Ma, our new Year 11 boy, he has, along with Frank Shi (Yr13) made the whole House dumplings for supper a couple of nights ago! The endeavour was very well received by all and several of the other boys had a turn at making the chinese delicacies!

The athletics and swimming events have seen a multitude of heats and, for the latter, the finals. For the second year running, FInn Hamilton, Lachie Hazlett, Eddie Peak and Will Greenslade won their freestyle relay and came 2nd in their medley relay. This, matched with the ……………. places for the U14, Jnr and Snr freestyle teams meant, remarkably, we won the Freestyle Relay cup for the first time since 1991! Unbelieveable. The look on the boys faces in assembly when the result was announced was I think best described as bemused shock! It should also be noted that Finn Hamilton came 3rd in the individual placings for the intermediate age group.

Head of House Rob Turnbull with the relay trophy.

The winning intermediate freestyle relay team.




In the same assembly we had the added success of seeing both Sam Darry and Jack Tracy gaining their Gold Badge for the number of Excellence credits they gained in the 2016 NCEA exams. For Jack, this was his second award and hence he gained his Gold Buttons to go with the badge he gained last year. Both young men deserve our congratulations as they set the bar for academic achievement in the House, something for all of the boys to aim toward in the coming 12 months.

The weekend activities have been good with the Year 9’s enjoying a day out to Hanmer last Sunday whilst the rest of the House had the opportunity to enjoy great surfing conditions at Sumner. Wisely Mr Levenger remained dry, but he was impressed with a few of the boys’ talents in the waves!

Some of our lads enjoying their fish and chips!

We are getting ever closer to the Athletics Day (Friday 24th Feb) and I remind you that if you plan to attend the lunch in the House, I need to know how many of you will be coming so I can order the correct amount of food. Can you please get back to me THIS WEEK if you plan to be coming.

Many congratulations to our boys who have made the junior and senior productions for this year. Owen Short and Max Luisetti in the junior production of Treasure Island and Ben Aitken and Tom Davidson in the senior production of Singin’ in the Rain. We look forward to seeing them in action later in the year!

Finally, it was a great turn out of parents for the first chapel of the term. I plan to ask the boys to go to the next one, on Sunday 26th Feb. I am aware of a few boys who may not be able to make it, but most boys should. It is imperative that the rowing lads are there as it is the last one they can attend this term due to camps and regattas.

I look forward to hearing from you about the Athletics Day lunch and seeing many of you then.

Best regards




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